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      Ducted Heating Cleaning

      If it is a cooling system, a heating system or even the whole HVAC system, air ducts are a..

      Laundry Dryer Duct Cleaning

      The degree to which a duct heating cleaning system during its lifetime will collect dirt and dust..

      Duct Repairs

      We are committed to providing outstanding services to large scale corporate facilities, hospitals,..

      Commercial Duct Cleaning

      As time progresses, the number of dust particles that can get stuck within your HVAC..

      Air Conditioning Cleaning

      The amount of dirt and debris that can collect within their air conditioning system should still..

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      Our Approach to Instant Duct Cleaning Services

      At Instant Duct Cleaning Melbourne, we follow a well-defined cleaning process to ensure that your ducts are cleaned to the highest standard.

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      We conduct carbon monoxide testing to check for carbon monoxide presence

      Duct Cleaning

      We do a thorough inspection to check for any leaks or fault in the ductwork

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      We remove grills and air filter before cleaning them using compressed air

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      We systematically clean internal components, fan, motor, and air filter

      Duct Cleaning Professional

      We clean the return air duct and all the duct lines using specialized equipment to remove contaminants

      Once the cleaning is completed with sanitize the entire system with a natural tea tree oil-based compound to make them cleaner and healthier
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