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      Professional Evaporative Cooler Cleaning Service Melbourne 

      You should be always careful about the extent of dirt and debris that can hoard inside your evaporative cooler system and air ducts. You should also stay extremely aware of how this can encourage decreased system efficiency and harmful air quality inside your premises. Dirty evaporative coolers can create an unpleasant environment where toxic allergens and pollutants can induce various health ailments. Fortunately, evaporative cooler cleaning Melbourne

      Our evaporative cooler cleaning Melbourne experts are trained to help both residential and business settings at economical prices. We are very well aware of the fact that everyone should have the privilege to live and work in a safe and healthful environment, which is why our experts put their best effort to accurately cleaning your ductwork system and cooling unit so that you can work and rest in a comfortable atmosphere. By choosing us for regular duct cleaning services in Melbourne. you can be assured that your property will have enhanced air quality and your heating/cooling unit will function more effectively. Whether you need air conditioning cleaning or evaporative cooler cleaning in Melbourne, we have got you covered. Call us at any time of the day to avail the benefit of our best duct cleaning services in Melbourne at no extra cost.

      Our Precise Evaporative Cooler Cleaning Process in Melbourne

      At Instant Duct Cleaning, thorough cleaning, sanitisation, and client satisfaction is our top priority. Hence, our highly competent evaporative cooler cleaning Melbourne professionals follow an extremely effective yet meticulous cleaning process to remove all the pollutants from your ductwork making sure there is no room left for health issues and future problems. The duct cleaning process at Instant Duct Cleaning is as follows:

      Inspection – we rigorously examine the air duct system and then create a tailored strategy that best fits your need. As per the result of the inspection, our duct cleaning specialist will discuss the entire cleaning process with you so that you are completely aware of each and every step that will be followed to clean your air ducts and vents.

      Thorough cleaning – the evaporative cooler cleaning Melbourne specialists will then begin the actual procedure to clean the air ducts. This cleaning process is effectively done with the help of the most advanced tools, equipment and cutting-edge technologies. Our team of evaporative cooler cleaning Melbourne experts will clean every single part of your ductwork system, i.e., ducts, conduits and vents will be completely cleaned. We then pull the air grill and entirely scour the air filter.

      Sanitization and Deodorization – Once we are done with the cleaning process, we will move ahead to disinfect the air duct system. Our evaporative cooler cleaning Melbourne professionals use eco-friendly and hypoallergenic disinfectants and deodorizers to sterilize the entire system and to eliminate all the nasty smells lingering in the system. This process makes sure your place looks fresh and smells pleasant.

      The ductwork cleaning method is different for distinct types of HVAC systems. Whether it is your air conditioner, evaporative cooler, heater or laundry dryer, there is a unique process for every system.

      • Our duct cleaning experts in South Sudley change the process in accord with the distinctive system. Evaporative cooler Cleaning Melbourne specialists remove the filters and clear the channels and ducts of your ductwork system. Likewise, we use a special brush to scour all the dirt and grime from each and every intersection of the ductwork.
      • Once the evaporative cooler cleaning Melbourne is completed, and the entire system is disinfected, our professionals will carry out a post-inspection to make sure everything functions properly and there is no possibility left for further problems.

      Why Choose Instant Duct Cleaning?

      Instant Duct Cleaning is a well-known duct cleaning and repair company in Melbourne. We have a team of hardworking and highly skilled duct cleaning professionals who leave no stone unturned in harboring positive results. Having an industry reputation for trustworthiness. We have a record of offering highly effective and prompt services at reasonable costs. Instant Duct Cleaning has earned credit for giving top-quality duct cleaning services to both residential and commercial places in Melbourne. Here are a few reasons that make us stand apart from the crowd:

      • Expect a 100 % guaranteed result
      • Top-quality cleaning agents and products
      • Free quotation with no hidden costs
      • Prompt and same-day duct cleaning services
      • A well-versed and competent team of professionals
      • Use only environmental-friendly chemicals and methods
      • Free carbon monoxide testing is available
      • Have industry-grade tools and gear
      • 24×7 customer service available in Melbourne
      • Highly effective service at affordable rates

      At Instant Duct Cleaning, we have more than 25 years of experience and proficient knowledge in cleaning and repairing all kinds of air ducts, vent,s and HVAC systems. All our duct cleaning professionals are certified and are highly skilled in the duct cleaning process. Apart from Melbourne, we also provide evaporative cooler cleaning Melbourne. So, no matter where you are, our duct cleaning experts are available 24*7, all seven days a week to help you breathe fresh air by providing effective ductwork cleaning.

      Cost-Effective Evaporative Cooler Cleaning Service in Melbourne

      At Instant Duct Cleaning Melbourne, we believe in complete customer satisfaction. Therefore, our specialists are always on their toes to help you even on public holidays and weekends. All our duct cleaning technicians are well-trained and have years of expertise that makes them adept in quickly fixing all kinds of air duct-related problems at an extremely affordable price. Our duct cleaning services are effective on ductwork systems yet easy on pockets. We spare no effort to achieve 100% satisfactory outcomes. If there is a presence of even the tiniest of problems, our evaporative cooler cleaning Melbourne professionals will not leave your house or workplace until and unless the issue has been resolved. So, worry no more! Book our duct cleaning services today to get instant results.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How much does it cost to service an evaporative cooler?

      The average service cost of an evaporative cooler in Melbourne ranges from $50 up to $500. Still, the service cost depends on the amount of damage and cleaning that needs to be done.

      2. Do evaporative coolers need cleaning?

      Yes, it is extremely important to regularly clean your evaporative cooler to keep the functioning of the system efficient and healthy.

      3. How often should you clean an evaporative cooler?

      You must get your evaporative cooler cleaned three times a year if you wish to enjoy the optimum performance.

      4. How often should evaporative cooler pads be changed?

      The pads of your evaporative cooler should be cleaned once a year and you must get the pads changed every 3-5 years.

      5. Can evaporative cooling make you sick?

      No, if you clean your evaporative cooler regularly then you won’t get sick. You must remove the dirty water and fill up the cooler with fresh water every three weeks to prevent water stagnation and nasty odours.

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