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Ducts that are clogged with pollen, dust, microbes and dust are responsible for causing lung disorders in residents of the house or the employees in the commercial property. Duct cleaning increases the life and functioning of your heating and cooling units. Getting your HVAC ducts keeps the dust and allergens away from the unit also preventing any health hazards to your family and employees.

Yes indeed. Ducts have the majority of dust and germs hidden inside. If they are cleaned, naturally the quality of the air improves eliminating any disease-causing microbes as well. This would prevent them from entering your body through the air that is circulated. Therefore, duct cleaning indirectly contributes to keeping your home and surroundings from being infected with coronavirus.

Instant Duct Cleaning Melbourne works with a team of cleaners and technicians that are licensed and certified to perform duct cleaning. That has enabled us to provide superior services and gain 100% customer satisfaction from every client service. Additionally, our services do not have any hidden charges. Our pricing structures are extremely affordable and designed keeping our customers in mind.

Yes, you can rely on Instant Duct Cleaning Melbourne for evaporative duct cleaning for your residential and commercial properties. Evaporative duct cleaning is important as it maintains the system efficiency and reduces energy bills as well. It is necessary to have your evaporative ducts cleaned every once in a while to make sure the air that your family breathes only clean and fresh air. It is a useful feature after winters are over to remove the dust, germs, animal dander, pert fur, and dirt particles that get lodged inside air ducts. Our certified technicians are trained to provide guaranteed and finest duct cleaning at reasonable prices.

Every 5-8 months is the time that is suggested by experts from this field. Getting the air ducts and ductwork cleared from time-to-time has a great impact on its lifespan, is essential to keep the air free of germs and allergens and also in keeping air ducts in a good condition.

Air ducts are made of different components like furnace coils, smoke dampers, insulation, stacks, motors, air handlers etc. if even one component is left out of cleaning then, recontamination takes place. And the whole of the cleaning exercise becomes a waste of resources and time. Professional duct cleaners like Instant Duct Cleaning Melbourne are trained to clean every part of the air duct with minute detailing.

Instant Duct Cleaning Melbourne provides the ahead listed services we along with duct cleaning:

  • Air Conditioning Cleaning
  • Ducted Heating Cleaning
  • Laundry Dryer Duct Cleaning

You can hire our technicians for the repairs of the following:

  • Exhaust Systems
  • Clothing Dryer Exhaust Ducts
  • HVAC mould remediation and treatment
  • Help with HVAC microbial control consistency audit.
  • HVAC Commercial Ducted Heating and Cooling Systems

If you notice a spike in your monthly energy bills, a smelly odor coming out of ducts, reduced cooling and buildup of debris or dust in the vents then there are chances that the air ducts are clogged and need professional care.

Our team of cleaners and technicians are armed with the best and updated cleaning techniques and technology. That enables them to remove all the minute dust and dirt in inaccessible areas of the clogged duct. Contact us to get instant duct repair services.

When a house finishes construction, a lot of debris, construction materials, pieces of wood, glass, dust etc. remain behind. They enter the air and ventilation ducts. Our professional duct cleaners are trained to clean every part of the vents and ducts with proficiency making the air easier and cleaner to breathe. It is indeed a necessary thing to opt for when you have purchased a new house.

The amount of time taken to clean an HVAC system is largely dependent on the size of home, the amount of accumulated dust, and the exact number of HVAC components to be serviced. However, the usual time taken by Instant Duct Cleaning Melbourne is anywhere between 2-4 hours. Any company that is taking lesser time in all probability not doing an up to the mark job.

Following listed are the factors that would help you in deciding the frequency of cleaning:

  • Having pets or
  • If the house is new or has undergone renovation or redevelopment
  • If any family members have asthma or any other lung disorders
  • If the house is on a street with high traffic
  • If there are people who smoke in the house

The technicians and cleaners at Instant Duct Cleaning Melbourne bring efficiency and neatness in their jobs. Hiring us for the duct cleaning repairs in your house is a worthwhile investment.

Zoos, shopping centers, malls, offices, universities, schools and educational institutions, mines etc. are few commercial sites that we provide cleaning services to.

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