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You should inspect the air filters once a month during the peak seasons to check if cleaning is required. Trapped particles in the filter can accumulate and block the airflow, reducing the efficiency of your HVAC system.

It is important to turn on the evaporative cooler before the building becomes hot, as it operates more efficiently when the outside air temperature is cooler. Additionally, it is equally important to keep your ducts and units clean to allow the machine to work efficiently and increase the airflow.

An evaporative cooler is very cost-efficient and approximately consumes 15% of an equal-sized refrigerated air conditioning system. Thus, it can be assumed that the savings in energy cost compared to refrigerated systems can be hundreds of dollars yearly. The best thing about evaporative coolers is that they are eco-friendly with a natural way to cool your premises.

Evaporative coolers work more efficiently in higher temperatures. Thus are perfect to cool your premises during hot summers. Further, unlike the other cooling systems, the evaporative cooling system works without any sound.

There are a few common causes to look for if the air ducts are blocked:

  • Are there different temperatures in different rooms in the same building?
  • Has there been an increase in energy bills?
  • Are your ducts blowing dust, debris?
  • Do you smell the odour from the ducts?

If you notice any of the above signs, get in touch with a professional duct cleaner to clean ducts. Call us to get the most affordable duct cleaning service.

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